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FAQ’s & Things you should know!

  • Please always use black ink only. Other colors tend to not transmit legibly.
  • If you email your documents to our office, please use .pdf or .tif files only, otherwise picture file quality is poor and cannot be processed.
  • Feel free to confirm your fax has been received for anything that you fax to us. This will help both parties with efficiency.
  • Product updates and news can be found on our website by clicking the news tab.
  • My Agent Solution periodically sends information about product updates and new products.
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FAQ’s: (My Agent Solution = MAS)

  1. What is My Agent Solution? My Agent Solution Inc. is a National Marketing Organization, located in sunny South Florida, which specializes in the Health and Life Insurance industry. We currently operate in over 40, and growing, U.S. States and have access to some of the highest contracts available from many nationally recognized insurance carriers.
  2. How much does it cost to align myself with MAS? There are no fees to become affiliated with MAS. In fact, Agents and General Agents actually make more money by being affiliated with MAS than they would if they were direct to the insurance companies due to the fact that we combine our production nationally to obtain the highest commissions available for our producers.
  3. Does My Agent Solution provide sales training support? Yes. Please see the training schedule under Agent tools for the Days & Times.

  4. How can Agent contracting be submitted? Emailed, Faxed or Mailed
  5. How long will it take to process agent paperwork? Depending on the company, processing could take up to 2 wks or as little as 2 days! Contact the Contracting Dept. for details on specific companies.
  6. How will Agent #’s be received? Agent #’s are emailed from MAS once notified from the Insurance Company. 
  7. Will MAS release me immediately if I decide to move my contracts to another organization? Yes. If your contracts are as-earned, we‘ll grant you a release immediately upon your request. If you owe money to an insurance company for chargebacks and you either pay off your account or transfer the debt, we’ll release you immediately.
  8. How do I get started?

    • Call Chuck Caggiula at 954-818-0512 or email us at for an initial consultation.

    • Click the “Join Our Team” link on the main page of our website to access our initial contract and to choose which products you have an interest in.

    • Fill out the paperwork and then Email to or Fax it to us at 888.811.9856.

    • We will then call you as soon as you are approved

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